Saturday, April 20, 2019

Christ Is Risen! The Lord Is Risen, Indeed!! Alleluia!!

"Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people, and hallelujah is our song." 
~Blessed Pope John Paul II

Icon of the Resurrection of Christ, Eastern Orthodox
"On Easter Day, the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer."
~Douglas Horton

"Resurrection of the Christ" ~Fra Angelico

"There is not room for Death,
Nor atom that His might could render void:
Thou--Thou art Being and Breath,
And what Thou art may never be destroyed."
~Emily Bronte
"Resurrection" by Carl Heinrich Bloch
"No pain, no palm;
No thorn, no throne;
No gall, no glory;
No cross, no crown."
~William Penn

"Resurrection" by Van Dyke

      "Christ is risen! We are risen! Shed upon us heavenly grace,
Rain and dew and gleams of glory from the brightness of your face;
That with hearts in heaven dwelling, we on earth might fruitful be,
And by angel hands be gathered, and be ever, Lord, with thee."
~Christopher Wordsworth

ALMIGHTY God, who through your only eternal Son Jesus Christ overcame death and opened to us the gate of everlasting life; Grant that, by your mighty power going before us, we may die daily to sin and live with him forever in the glory of his resurrection; Through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and rules with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen. (References: Acts 2.24; John 9.25; 1 Peter 1.3; Hebrews 2.14-15; James 1.4)

Wishing you all a joyous Resurrection Day and a glorious Eastertide!!

Soli Deo Gloria,


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