Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Weather Outside Is...

... Simply Delightful!

August usually finds us limply draped over couches with fans directing their too-warm air on us. Temperatures usually climb near 110 each day, and we close the house at seven AM and don't open it again until after dinner. During the sweltering afternoons, we watch movies in the darkened and coolish living room rather than brave the great outdoors and the subsequent great heat. We live for swimming invitations, for trips to the beach, for air-conditioned restaurants and malls.

Not so this August.

Today, and for the past week, our highs have remained very comfortably in the mid-eighties. July has been extremely reasonable all together with most days in the mid-nineties and only a few days popping over the century mark. This afternoon I took T and J over to the park here in town (see photo above) where I actually brought (and wore) a sweater for sitting in the shade while I finished reading Eusebius and the boys played basketball, skateboarded, and hunted frogs (see 365 blog for photos). Going to the park on an August day is hardly ever a comfortable proposition unless one has a huge container of very-iced tea and plays in the water spout. But today it was as lovely and as cool as a day in May -- which makes me rather nervous about this fall with our hottest months of September and October still on the way. Yes, it's been the coolest summer in our six years of mountain living, unseasonably cool in fact, with the exception of the last week of June.

An old San Diego native weatherman coined this lovely little ditty regarding San Diego weather:

Spring comes in summer,
Summer comes in fall,
Fall comes in winter,
And winter not at all.

Now that doesn't exactly apply to the mountain regions which do get a touch of winter, but overall, it's pretty much the truth around here. The heat is still to come this fall, and I'm sure I'll look back on this post and laugh sardonically as I wipe my face with ice and drape myself near the fans....

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SusansPlace said...

It's been amazingly "cool" here in Texas too. We are into the mid 90's now but normally, we would be up around 100. Let's enjoy it while we can!


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