Saturday, October 31, 2015

All Hallow's Eve and Holy Ghost Stories

Yes, All Hallow's Eve, known more commonly as Halloween (or for those of us who acknowledge this holy day's origins, Hallowe'en) is upon us. With three of our four "children" now being legal adults, we don't have much trick-or-treating or costuming going on in our household.

And our two youngest, ages 15 and 18, are attending our local church's Gospel Barn; rather than investing time, money, and creativity into their costumes, they're wearing their Airsoft togs.

But how did Hallowe'en start? Here's the most recent Anglophenia video that explains the British origins of this Christian holy day:

In addition, a couple of weeks ago, I ran across a review for a book that looked interesting. Written by a San Diegan, the cover and title grabbed my attention:

As I perused the review in the online East County Magazine, I realized that this book was about the various unexplained events at the very college I had attended and later taught at: Point Loma Nazarene University. And then some bells started going off. Didn't someone e-mail me about a reference I had made on this blog regarding an experience I had during my freshman year at PLNU in Cabrillo Hall? I had e-mailed the person back, giving more details about the late night scramble to make a yearbook deadline and the knocking we had heard from within a locked closet.

I left a comment for the book's author on the East County Magazine review, and the author replied to me a day later. Yes, he was the one I had sent my story to and apparently my story has been retold in Chapter 14 of this book. David was very kind and has agreed to do an author event at the Pine Valley Library next month with our local writing workshop following a National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Write-In on Saturday, November 21 at 2:00 PM. (The Write-In begins at 10:00 AM for you writerly types.) All local readers of this blog are invited to attend as David tells first-hand accounts of unexplained experiences at PLNU, discusses researching, writing, and publishing this book, answers our many questions, and signs books for us.

In fact, our local Fox affiliate, Fox 5 San Diego, ran a story on David's book and interviewed him regarding first-hand experiences in Cabrillo Hall at PLNU...including my story. Here's the story/video link: Ghost Haunts Christian Campus Building

Also, if you sign up for David's newsletters on his website Holy Ghost Stories, you can download a free book about theories behind the possible "existence" of ghosts. As an alumnus of PLNU (well before my time, of course!), David offers insights into different theories about whether ghosts actually exist. I've downloaded the book but haven't yet had time to delve into it; it looks fascinating, though! :)

So on this note, I wish you all a safe All Hallow's Eve and a blessed remembrance of the Christians who have walked the Pilgrim Pathway before us tomorrow on All Saint's Day. (This link will take you to one of my many All saint's Day posts from past years.)



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