Friday, November 23, 2007

Ewwwwww ... The Flu

Last week J then T succumbed to one of the nastiest stomach viruses I've ever come across. T got away easy, but J was sicker than the proverbial dog for four days after eight hours of violent illness and three-and-a-half days of exhaustion and weakness. Even more than a week later and the boy doesn't have his full appetite back. It's one nasty, nasty bug.

Then on Sunday night, E became ill. Violently ill. And after dinner and while I was writing up lesson plans for the next week, it got me as well. It came on so fast; I was perfectly fine one minute and hanging over the toilet bowl the next. Both of us girls were up most of Sunday night and Monday morning, and then we slept most of Monday after the worst was over. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent on the sofa and recliner, watching reruns of Project Runway,Crossing Jordan, and CSI: Miami. We managed to make it through Thanksgiving with dabs of turkey, a roll, and much Jell-o and 7-Up. My stomach still is tetchy, and we're both rather weak.

Most blessedly, the nasty virus by-passed B (who as the youngest tends to be a rather miserable patient) and Keith (who had to bake three pies for our Thanksgiving celebration with his family in Ramona). Karla, Jim, and the girls are here from Arizona, and E has spent Thanksgiving night and most of today with them because she gets so little "girl time" with her three brothers. She's quite close to K&J's girls who also are home schooled and are around her age. E was looking a bit peaky last night, so I hope she's not wearing herself out with her cousins today. We're both still a little shaky after this illness.

So that's where I've been. Typing still makes my head spin a bit, and my poor photo blog has been sadly neglected, but there's only so much one can do when a nasty stomach bug comes home to roost....

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Pam said...

I'm soooo sorry Susanne! That made the rounds at our house last week, so I quite literally feel your pain! 4 of our 5 kids got sick during one night, and it finally got dh and me in the morning. Ugh. No clean laundry left and no-one well enough to do any!

Praying you feel 100% soon!


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