Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keith's Most Recent Window

After Keith finished his masterpiece of a stained glass window for Dr. Adema and Marcia (our doctor and his wife) in September (see photo here), the Ademas decided that they wanted a stained glass window inserted into a sliding door for their bedroom. Both windows will be visible from their hallway, so they needed to complement each other well. So this above photo is of the partially-finished second window in Keith's workshop.

Since I took this photo yesterday (or, rather, Keith took it for me with my camera as I didn't want to stand on the wobbly stool with my balance issues), he has placed lead caming along the entire perimeter which he is soldering on as I type. Then he will have to turn over the window and solder the backside. He will also be adding a black patina to all the silverish lead and soldered copper foiled lines and joints so that the window itself will stand out, not the structure.

This window is based on an ironwork door that Keith saw online, and he used the same glass for the grape leaves, the grapes, and for the wood-like vines. He had quite a bit of a delay due to the stained glass shop in San Diego being out of the vine glass until they could get more from Los Angeles, so Keith had to wait several weeks for them to restock the knobbly streaked brown glass because the wooden texture is perfect for the vines. The glue-chip semi-clear glass in the middle of the window and the slightly-waved clear glass along the perimeter match the glass in the Ademas' front door just perfectly.

I think that they will be quite pleased with this window when Keith finishes it shortly. We're also hoping that we can bring a few people over to their house and show off both windows, especially my parents as they were in Hawaii when Keith installed the first 1500+ piece window last September; they only saw it laid out on the table like this one is currently. I'll post more photos of this window when Keith is ready to install it so we can see the light coming through it. It will be gorgeous, just like all of his work.


Lona said...

Wow. Incredible...

Jane D. said...

absolutely stunning.

Lisa B said...

I'm just starting in stained glass, and I'm so impressed. My mind dreams that big, but my skills are still in process. Thanks for sharing - it's really inspiring.


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