Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Evening Blog Post

I shouldn't be up this late. Really. I promised myself a quick peep into Google Reader, and Jen's Conversion Diary is on top alphabetically (it's all about those quote marks around "Et tu?" which I still haven't changed to her current blog name, lazy moi). So I took the quickest possible glance ... and discovered something that means I'm up far too late, fingernails clacking incessantly upon my keyboard ... AGAIN.

I always promise myself that it will take "only a minute" to write a post. And then I get drawn in more and more deeply, changing this detail and adding that. My joy in the craft of writing swallows me up, and somehow an hour slips past me as I'm totally engrossed in composing. The only other activity that engulfs me, heart and soul, to the point of losing track of time, like I do when writing is reading a really good book.

So here I start writing a "quick" post to tell about the very cool thing that Jen and her friend Elizabeth are doing: The Saturday Evening Blog Post. On the first Saturday of each month, we can post our favorite blog post of the past month on Elizabeth's blog using Mr. Linky and then post in our own blogs why we chose that particular post.

I chose a post from earlier in August which includes my latest poem that I shared with our town's little writing group. You may read it here: Poem: In the Confessional. I chose it because it tells a great deal about my life as a writer and about a topic that I feel drawn to writing about over and over during the past two years: confession. I hope you like it.

I almost chose a couple of other posts, so in case you're interested, you may read them here: Tennis, Anyone in which I describe my kids picking up my formerly favorite sport, and A Recap: God at Work which is about answered prayer as we prepared to start our twelfth year of home education.

So please feel free to join The Saturday Evening Blog Post and tell us about your favorite post of the past month! (Not bad, only half an hour!)


Mary333 said...

I read your poem at Anne's blog and HAD to come here and comment on it. It was beautiful! I LOVE poetry! Thank you for sharing this!

Susanne Barrett said...

Why, thank you, Mary! You are very kind and your enthusiasm has encouraged me today! :)

Anne said...

Susanne, I'm having a scary feeling that my last comment didn't post. I wanted your permission to post your confession poem on my blog because I absolutely love it, it is the very best thing I have ever read! I think it describes the experience perfectly! Thinking you wouldn't mind as long as I credited you and linked back to you, I went ahead and posted it without waiting for your permission. I hope you don't mind, but if you do, please let me know and I will delete it. Sorry for jumping the gun.

Susanne Barrett said...

No problem, Anne. As long as credit is given and is linked back, I'm fine with your posting the poem. Thank you!!! :)

Anne said...

Thank you!


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