Monday, August 15, 2011

Gratitude After a Loooooong Week

My son, working in our community garden with Peggy and Ann

I haven't been posting at all this past week...mostly because I haven't been sleeping. And when I don't sleep, everything I do grinds to a screeching halt.


I think it echoed.

Yep. It was that kind of week.

But even when one of "those weeks" comes ambling along, scattering every good plan and purpose to the four winds, we can find much to be thankful for.

The highlight of this week is the five-year blogversary of Meditative Meanderings! Yes, as of August 13, I've been blogging for five years. Half a decade.

Cool, huh?

(Yes, sleep deprivation makes me rather loopy....)

So I continue to push on, attempting to NOT fall asleep on my laptop (as has happened several times this week), adding to my journey to One Thousand Gifts with the Gratitude Community at A Holy Experience.

I am grateful this week:

611. for crisp summer mornings, bright and early

612. for vistas across the meadow, touched by morning sunshine

613. for five years of sharing my scribbles here, with your kind forbearance, dear readers

614. for late nights, cooled from heat of day, house silent and sleeping

615. for my son, his summer spent gardening with members of our community

616. for artful mystery novels that while away painful hours

617. for warmth of spa waters, swirling against sore muscles

618. for candles lit and icons shimmering, worship with body, heart, soul

619. for prayers in the dark, hands held atop quilt as they were 26 years ago when we were newly-wed

620. for scent of freshly-baked zucchini muffins (courtesy of my husband) wafting through our house tonight

So thank you to all of you who have read along with my silly musings and meanderings over the last few weeks or over the last few years. I appreciate your kind feedback, your readership, and your presence in my journey.

Thank you.

With gratitude,

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