Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brave Writer Classes This Spring

The spring schedule is now up at Brave Writer, and I’m going to be a very busy woman. This winter I’ve taught two family workshops, The Groovy Grammar Workshop (in which we turned grammar upside-down and played with language) and the just-completed Playing with Poetry Workshop in which we explored many aspects of analyzing and composing poems, from haiku to quatrains, from visual poetry to song lyrics. Both classes are among the highlights of my teaching year. :)

This spring I’ll be teaching a Literary Analysis Class on Little Women starting March 12; we’ll be focusing on Louisa May Alcott’s classic which is quite autobiographical. I’ve read extensively on the Alcott family, studying Alcott’s journals and letters plus several biographies of the family as a whole. After reading through the novel together using the discussion questions (the “Think Piece” Questions) from The Boomerang, then writing an exploratory essay on one of several given topics. This class still has a few openings, so sign up quickly to join the fun!!!

Starting on April 16, I’ll be teaching a Literary Analysis Class on The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. We’ll be reading the play together, act by act and scene by scene using a set of discussion questions, then we’ll write an exploratory essay on one of several topics. Shakespeare is one of my favorite classes to teach, and we'll definitely have a blast together as we explore the Bard's play and also watch film clips from certain scenes together. It's gonna be fun!!!!

Then starting on May 14, I’ll be facilitating a Shakespeare Family Workshop. We’ll explore Shakespeare’s life and times, the theatre scene of his day, his sonnets and poetry, then his Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies. This class is ideal for homeschooling families who are rather intimidated by the teaching of Shakespeare, yet it's also tons o' fun for families already comfortable with the Bard and his works. We'll be watching lots of video clips and will also be doing some hands-on projects, so do join us for a Brave Writer perennial favorite class!

My classes will end on June 15, and after that I’ll be teaching a new class at Brave Writer over the summer that will be a surprise. :)

So, I hope to see you on Brave Writer soon…or if you’d like help with grading your students’ essays, e-mail me at SusanneMBarrett@aol.com

Writing bravely with you,


Brooke Espinoza said...

I found you through the Write It Girl link-up. That's so neat that you teach writing classes! God bless you as you equip other writers to improve their craft!

Susanne Barrett said...

Thank you for stopping by, Brooke!! I very much enjoy teaching writing and literature online; it's such a rewarding job!!


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