Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Saturday Evening Blog Post, Vol.4, No. 3

It's been quite a while since I've joined the fun of Elizabeth Esther's Saturday Evening Blog Post. Elizabeth asks us to choose our favorite post from the last month and repost it to share.

Unfortunately, because of my busy teaching schedule with co-op classes at Heritage Christian School and online classes with  Brave Writer, plus focusing on my fiction writing in my (very) few spare moments, I haven't posted much to this blog in the past month.

But one post stands out to me, especially as I haven't composed a poem in more than seven months.

So, I chose my poetry post Love Poem to a Wren to share. I hope you enjoy it!!

And the workshops at the Pine Valley Bible Conference Center's Spring Women's Conference went very well today. Yes, I'm an exhausted, puddly mess who is not planning to stir in the slightest tomorrow, but the workshops were truly enjoyable for me, and I pray they were a blessing to those who attended. The 4:15 blogging workshop was quite sparsely attended, but so were most of the other workshops at that time as most of the women were exhausted by the constant rush of activities that naps before dinner was a more attractive option than yet another workshop. But it was still a pleasant time, and I am looking forward to next weekend when I get to do it all over again. :) Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!!

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