Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bible Book Club

My dear friend Carol is starting a Three-Year Bible Book Club. She'll be facilitating a reading through of the Bible in THREE years, the first two years the Old Testament, and the third year the New Testament. Carol lists a certain Bible to use that is already broken down into the readings, or we can just use our own Bibles and read along with her list.

Carol will also be posting daily meditations, reflections, prayers, etc., to go along with each day's readings, and she will also facilitate a monthly "live blog" the first Monday of each month to discuss what God has taught us during the previous month. The idea is to read through these manageable passages slowly and meditatively, "chewing" on them and pondering how God wants to use these Scriptures in our lives. Basically, by any other name, it can be considered the practice of lectio divina in which we read, meditate, pray, and live what we read in the Scriptures.

The link to the Three-Year Bible Book Club is right here if you would like to check it out and perhaps even join us. Carol has issued an open invitation for in real life friends as well as online friends. All are welcome to read and comment with us.

So come and read the Bible with us for Three Years -- just five minutes of reading a day. If I can commit to it, so can YOU!

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