Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Intriguing Article: Is the Church Asleep?

I always find John H. Armstrong's articles extremely thought-provoking. He's a Texas-based Baptist pastor with a real call for ecumenism. His articles relate an awareness of the pitfalls of the modern church, including the Emergent Movement (which he likes but sees as too surface-level, needing to go much farther and actually DO more than just TALK). He dialogues respectfully with Roman Catholics and Evangelicals alike, helping both to see the common ground we share as Bible-based Christians in an increasingly non- (even anti-) Christian world.

His latest article discusses the "Church Sleeping Through the Death of Christendom." You may read it here. I think you'll find your thinking about the modern church rather turned on its ear; at least I did.

Advent blessings!

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