Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Decorating Day

Today was the perfect day for decorating our home for Christmas. With rain and sometimes hail pattering outside, we turned on Bing, Charlotte Church, Amy Grant, and the Brian Setzer Orchestra and found ourselves dancing and decorating at the same time. We first started off with a mess of boxes in the living room:

Slowly the boxes emptied and the school table filled with our everyday knick knacks as we placed our snowmen collection, our pointsettias, our garlands, our candles, our stockings, our wreaths, and our Advent calendar and table wreath. E's job each year is to decorate our mantel with our favorite decoration: the beautiful nativity set we bought ten years ago at Costco. She carefully arranges each figure until she's content:

We did everything today except put up the tree, something we always do on Sunday evenings as a family. That's our plan for tomorrow night, of course.

But was decorating our entire house enough? Of course not! After a brief visit from my parents who were driving back down the mountain from a snowy visit to their cabin 2000 feet above our town, E and I changed clothes and drove into the city to Lake Murray where we helped to decorate the church as well. I helped with the Advent candles and nativity sets while E and friends did the tree at the front of the sanctuary:

We only stayed for just over two hours, but "many hands made light work," as the saying goes, and we had fun (and danced about to our youth pastor's "Charlie Brown Christmas" CD while working). The rain had finally finished as we drove back up the mountain, ready for Keith's perfect Chicken Parmigiana (see 365 blog entry for details) and for getting the boys into bed. It's been a tiring but good day, and I'm very much looking forward to the beginning of Advent (plus it's Communion Sunday at Lake Murray!) tomorrow. Expect a long post tomorrow as I 'splain about why I love Advent so much....

Happy HolyDays to you!

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