Friday, February 29, 2008

Another Busy Week....

This week just flew by. I've been up late every night working on one project or another, and it's been a whirlwind of a week. Besides homeschooling the four kids, I managed to write two grammar tutorials, one on adjectives and one on conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections. I read chapters 13-19 of C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters for the Wednesday night Lenten study with Alpine Anglican. I graded twenty five-paragraph essays for my writing classes that I taught today and also prepared the lessons taught, one class working with poetry and the other on timed essay exams. I tutored one student, and prepared materials for tutoring my other student next week. I also edited an article I wrote for our town's monthly newspaper from a blog entry I wrote here: the review of They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky. I also helped to finalize certain pages in our art council's Board of Director's Handbook and helped to edit and proofread our new flyer for our upcoming art contest for grades K-6. I proofread the church bulletin as well.

As I said earlier, all of this is on top of homeschooling, which often involves working with one or more children from 9 AM to at least 5 PM, perhaps longer. E has been needing my help a little more often with her world literature (she's reading The Song of Roland right now, after just finishing Julius Caesar) and The Aeneid), and I work with her after the boys are done with their work. Quite often we're finishing up as Keith makes dinner.

I've also been constant with my Lenten Rule. I occasionally fall a day or two behind the Bible Book Club readings, but I always catch up. There's a lot of devotions to follow, but I'm really getting a lot out of them. Being in the Word so much is helping to keep me sane this week.

At least this weekend is fairly easy. Tomorrow (Friday) I have the Friday Chapel Service with Father Acker of Alpine Anglican, then a stop by my doctor's office to pick up a prescription, then off to my chiropractor. B and I usually head over to Starbuck's to do his schooling together as he doesn't get as much time with me as the other kids during the week. Then we head back to Keith's office after a quick stop at Trader Joe's where we meet with E and T's wonderful math tutor Johanna, whom I've known since college. We eat lunch at the office, and then run an errand or two before heading back up the mountain. However, I may stay in town for the rest of the day as I have a wedding to attend in the evening (yes, another friend getting married on February 29!), so I may just head back to Starbuck's with my journal and some work to do on my book before the wedding. I'll probably get home around 11 PM.

On Saturday I have nothing planned except laundry and a trip to the pet store in Alpine where Dashwood is signed up for a photo session. We get a free 8X10 of him, so that should be fun. And the rest of the day I'm planning on reading and writing and relaxing.

Sunday is my birthday, and we're going to church at Lake Murray in the morning, and Kitty and Diana are taking me out to lunch after church. I'm meeting Carmen at her church in Rancho Bernardo around 3 PM for a vespers concert -- such a treat! Then I'll drive home for one of Keith's wonderful birthday dinners. It should be a fun day.

So that's what my week has been and will be like. At least next week should be much calmer. Okay, maybe just a little bit calmer. Just kidding.....


Petunia said...

Yikes! That is too busy for me.

I hope your birthday has been a pleasant one. Merriest of years to you.

Caleb Winn said...

Hey Mrs. Barrett!

I saw your comment on Anthony Esolen's "Three Men, some women, and a bear" blog entry. I (still) go to Biola, which is why I was reading it. Small world, eh?

Hope that you and your family are doing well, and still enjoying U2.

Caleb Winn


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