Sunday, February 24, 2008

Whatever Happened to True Ecumenism?

John Armstrong has done it again. This man's writing so often expresses the deep beliefs of my heart far better than I can. His latest blog post (dated February 22)discusses "True Ecumenism," and he first defines the movement historically, and concludes with Scriptural support regarding the Church being unified from the prayer of Christ Himself in John 17.

Armstrong declares himself to be a "catholic" Christian -- a term I also use to describe myself as well. Here's a short excerpt from his blog:

...I refer to myself as a “catholic” Christian; i.e., a Christian who believes in the whole Church throughout the whole earth. Ecumenism recognizes this reality and seeks to express it in practical and godly ways.

Here's another excellent excerpt:

What we should be doing right now is praying and practicing John 17:20-24. We should be making every effort to promote unity among all Christians and thus learning how we can grow in love one for another. I think we have no choice in this matter if we are to remain faithful to Christ himself. This is the heart and soul of my ecumenism. If this is offensive to some then I will gladly bear the offense believing that what I pursue, albeit imperfectly and too timidly, is the unity of the Church in the faith once for all given to those who are in Christ Jesus.

Amen!! His blog entry is thought-provoking and truth-telling; I encourage all Christians to read it; you'll find the entire text here.

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