Monday, February 4, 2008


We woke up to an unexpected snowfall this morning. As I was dressing upstairs, I heard the front door opening and closing much more than usual. I also heard the kids outside playing which was unusual before 8 AM; they didn't usually go outside to play in the winter until our 11 AM recess. I lifted the corner of our blinds and saw an inch of snow on the roof and all over the yard. I dressed quickly, grabbed my own snowboots, and was soon outside with them, camera in hand.

After a few snowballs and playing around with the dog outside (he's hard to capture on camera as he's always moving at a full run), the kids decided to hike over to the park with the dog on his leash. Dash loves the snow as much as they do, so I snapped a photo of the kids on the front porch of our home, getting ready to leave for the park.

It was soooo beautiful! After the kids left, it was so quiet -- just the wind blowing through the trees. I stood outside on the porch, admiring the peaceful white stuff. Then I went inside for Morning Prayer before the kids came back, glancing out my window to glimpse the whiteness again and again.

I thought about giving the kids a "snow day" since the public-schooled kids had one, but the snow was melting fast and I hated to lose a whole day. So I let them stay outside and play in the white stuff until 10:30, 90 minutes past our usual starting time. Everyone finished the assignments, so we got in a full day. And sure enough, the snow was disappearing fast and was practically gone by 3 PM.

It was beautiful while it lasted.

I have a couple more photos on my 365 blog if you'd like to see them.

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