Friday, October 31, 2008

The Computer Blues

My laptop has become infected by some kind of virus that apparently got uploaded through FaceBook. Keith is working on my laptop, trying to clear the program off it but computers aren't his area of expertise. But he's working at at -- I'm so glad he can figure out all this stuff -- it's certainly way beyond me. So I'm using his PC for answering e-mails and working at BraveWriter where I'm filling in for Becky whose husband was severely injured in a motorcycle accident last week. Keith has asked me to stay off Facebook for the time being so his computer doesn't become infected as well.

And I can't post photos of the Art Docent meeting for MECAC, or for the Alpine Arts Festival where both E and J performed. The photos are on my computer so I can't post them from Keith's. They'll have to wait until my computer is cleaned up. But E and J both did terrific jobs -- I can't wait to brag about them. :)

So I'll be back on FaceBook when my computer is cleaned out and the virus is removed. My laptop has not been loading its virus software so that's why it got in. I apologize to anyone who has received hinky messages through my FaceBook account; I obviously didn't send them on purpose. I'm getting e-mail messages that people are writing on my wall, but I really can't access my FB page to see what's going on. Sorry! I'll be back on FB when I can.


Luke said...

Programs we've found helpful:

Spybot and Adaware. Both free! [smile]


Susanne Barrett said...

We've loaded Spybot up and it has located the problem spyware but we have not been able to eradicate it. I can't get online at all on my computer so am using my husband's. I've also cancelled my FaceBook account. :(


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