Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Day at the Office

This afternoon, exhausted after teaching two writing classes and the kids attending four classes (including homeroom which we call Opening), we drove around, trying to locate the nearest McCain/Palin office. We broke down and called for more precise directions and finally found the office. The four kids went to work assembling "Yes on 8" (traditional marriage) signs; I was talked into making calls, something I wasn't necessarily planning to do, but which I did, although calling at 2 PM is not a good time to get people at home.

Lori, the woman who taught me how to call, told me that calling was fun, and it was. She got a hold of a guy who wanted to nuke the White House, so that was a bit of an unusual call. I went through three pages of phone numbers. It also fun that out of the people in the office, one of the volunteers was the mom of one of my former writing students from yeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrs back. So we had fun chatting while she put together signs and trained the kids in how to do it as well.

There's been a bit of a scandal here in San Diego with the "Yes on 8" and McCain/Palin signs. People have been defacing and stealing them in huge numbers. In fact, the kids were helping to assemble signs for a group of people in Hemet (Riverside County, the next county north) who were willing to drive almost two hours for 1000 signs. I'm hearing news reports while we watch Survivor and CSI that they have made arrests in the "Yes on 8" sign "scandal."

So we'll go back next Thursday after Class Day and the boys will help with signs or whatever, and E and I will make calls. We picked up a sign for our fence -- a few people drive and walk by (probably more squirrels than people, but that's okay) and some bumperstickers. With McCain and Palin pulling up in the polls, we hope to have some good news on November 4/5.


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