Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who Will Win on Project Runway?

Tonight is the all-important, earth-shattering finale of the fifth season of Project Runway, the last season that it will run on Bravo. The next season will premiere on Lifetime, which definitely seems like a step down to me, but that's just my artistic snobbery showing through.

So, at least we are assured of a woman winner, the second one behind Chloe of season two. Jarrell had to go last week -- man, what was he thinking? I think he has his concept of "opulent" confused with the rest of the world's concept of "garish." So it will be Korto, Kenley, or Leanne winning tonight.

Korto's clothing has been interesting. I've liked a lot of her clothing, and she can have a "wow" factor, but I think she's probably the weakest of the three finalists. Every once in a while (for instance, last week) she misses the mark by a GARGANTUAN amount. The glimpses of her collection have not wow'ed me, and I was underwhelmed by both her wedding and bridesmaid dresses last week. Ugh. She's better get it together, big time.

Kenley's retro-thing is totally cool, but her attitude is horrid. She refuses to listen to anything that Tim Gunn suggests (and he really knows his stuff, Tim does) and lives in her own little world where she's the best and just can't understand when the judges don't "get" her (in other words, she did a poor job in a challenge). Her wedding and bridesmaid gowns were fabulous, daring, beautiful, and, yes, retro 1940s-50's. If she just didn't have such a rotten attitude, I would b cheering her on. Love her clothes. Hate her attitude.

Leanne is the one we're cheering on tonight. She started off a bit bumpy on the first challenge, but she took to heart what Tim and the judges said and applied their critiques beautifully to her editorial process. Her clothes have been pretty much spot-on ever since. Her wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses were gorgeous, and I like her architectural aspects, her attention to details, her meticulous editing, and her intriguing inspiration of the waves and the way she's worked the color and architectural into her clothing. Her attitude has been solid, and she has made friends with everyone except Kenley (with whom no one got on well, at least until she apologized over her shoulder as she walked out of the room when they came together in the hotel room after creating their collections). I'm not sure that her color palette is too limited for a full collection -- all aqua and off-white -- but we'll see.

I'm really okay with any of the three winning -- it's not like it's been the last two years when my least favorites, Jeffrey and Christian, won. I had been rooting strongly for Laura in season 3 and Jillian in season 4 all along and was extremely disappointed when their beautiful clothing did not win -- and the ugly stuff did. But I don't think I will be disappointed tonight.

Tonight is ladies' night at Project Runway, and I'm thrilled for that fact alone. And as Project Runway bids a fond farewell to Bravo, we wave goodbye as well, hoping that the show will remain unchanged as it switches networks.

PS Today E and I voted for the best scene in Project Runway history at We reviewed the twenty-some options and decided to vote on Santino's mockery of Tim Gunn -- "Where's Andre?" Yes, even over Jeffrey making what's-her-name's mother cry.

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