Friday, February 13, 2009

The Little Weasel

This week T received a special treat: a Weasel Robot to put together and operate from Hobby Engineering, one of the many wonderful resources I've found through Click Schooling. Click Schooling supplies homeschooling families with websites each day according to subject matter: Math, History, Science, Language Arts, and Art/Music. Plus Dianne also provides links to great home school curricula and deals (like the $25 coupon to Hobby Engineering). It's a wonderful addition to any home school.

Anyway, back to T's Weasel Robot:

T starts putting together the robot.

Following the directions carefully, he gets more put together.

Getting closer to having the Weasel working....

T tries to start it but runs into a slight problem: two wires were switched, but once he reswitched them ...

... Weasel was on its way!

All together, it took T about three hours to put it together which involved assembling both gearboxes, setting the infrared and wall-hug sensors in the base of the robot, attaching the two motors to the gearboxes, then attaching those to the robot base, screwing on the "brain" circuit board (no soldering needed on this robot), attaching the sensors and motors into the circuit board, placing the battery holder into the outer shell of the robot, attaching the two power wires into the main circuit board, and finally screwing the shell onto the base and adding stickers. And ta-da! A three-speed Weasel Robot.

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