Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shrove Tuesday

Bosco Peters of the wonderful [Anglican] Liturgy New Zealand website has posted a great little tidbit on Shrove Tuesday. You can read it by clicking here: Shrove Tuesday.

I doubt that I'll be flipping pancakes tonight, but I may make some special biscuits to go along with our soup tonight. But tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent -- which I will definitely write more about tomorrow. I am planning to hop down to Victoria House for the morning Ash Wednesday service at 9:30 AM. Tonight I will devote myself to prayer regarding what God would like me to do for Lent, for my spiritual spring cleaning. I think I know one thing: I was thinking about which book to read for Lent and I just found out that Alpine Anglican is reading and discussing Imitation of Christ by Thomas a`Kempis which happens to be sitting right here on my desk within easy reach right this very moment. I've been feeling led to pick it up but haven't had the time. I think God has just bonked me on the head about what He wants me to read this Lent. Last year I really enjoyed going through CS Lewis' The Screwtape Letters with the Anglicans, so if my husband okays it, I'll join them on Wednesday nights during this Lent as well for their meatless soup nights down in Alpine (about a 20-minute drive for me -- much easier than going all the way into the San Diego suburbs).

Although I will enjoy this last day before Lent begins, I will enjoy Lent even more. Perhaps "enjoy" is the wrong word; "appreciate" is a little better. I love the season of Lent because everything points right to Jesus. I read more Scripture and more Christian classics. I pray more. I desire Him more. I know -- why not be like this all year long? Because it's hard to be this focused all of the time. But each Lent brings me that much closer. I develop habits that bring me into His presence more frequently, more deeply. And I encourage the kids to do the same, especially in developing their own personal devotional time outside of the family devotions we have each school morning. I think I know what I will be "giving up" for Lent as well, but I need to confirm it with the Lord.

So enjoy today and start drawing ever closer to our Lord tomorrow when we are marked by a cross of ashes that symbolize our repentance and our being marked as His Own.

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liturgy said...

Always good to read here. As it happens team won the flipping-pancake race! The Imitation of Christ is I think the next most popular book ever after the Bible - so blessings as you read that. Let us pray for each other, and our readers.



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