Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Keith's Stained Glass Window Photo Is Published!

Keith entered a photograph of his big stained glass window he completed last fall for Dr. and Mrs. Donald Adema in a contest at Delphi Glass, one of the largest distributors of glass art supplies. He was thrilled to receive a $50 Delphi gift certificate as well as have his photo published on the cover of their summer catalog in the upper right corner. Here's the link if you would like to see a larger image of the catalog or browse through it: Delphi Summer Catalog.

Obviously they cropped the photo quite a bit, so here's the original photograph he submitted so you can see the entire Tiffany-inspired window which was roughly four feet by five feet and contained over 1500 pieces, many of which are two layers of glass. Keith also just completed a companion window for the Ademas' sliding bedroom door. The window is complete, but Keith still has to make the wooden door itself that will house the window. I'll post a link to the newest window; you may see it here: Second Adema Window.

I'll post a photo of the second window in its wooden door when Keith finishes it. It should be gorgeous, but nothing like Keith's first window for the Ademas. We're very proud of the window being published on the cover of one of the premiere stained glass supply catalogs and hope that it will also be featured in their large annual catalog as they asked Keith questions for a story which was not published in the
summer catalog. We shall see....


Purplebears said...

How cool! I'll have to go find my summer Delphi catalog, I think I just got it. With all due respect to their need to crop, the original is by far a better composition. Congratulations.

Susanne Barrett said...

Thanks. :)

justmichelle54 said...

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