Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yearning for Lectio

This week has been crazy-busy, with my online class gobbling my precious time -- yet it pays the bills, so I will be grateful for many talkative teens discussing films as I attempt to keep up with their dizzying pace. My cousin and her daughter from Kansas City have been staying with my parents, so it's been go-go-go for us as well: beach and impromptu dinner on the deck Sunday, all day at the San Diego Zoo on Thursday, most of today up the mountain at my parents' miniscule cabin and a quick stop by our larger mountain abode, and then tomorrow at the beach again after church at Lake Murray and a family barbecue on the deck once again as Nikki and Kirsten leave Tuesday, so it's the "last chance" meeting for the family.

I'm craving silence right now -- the kind that I can luxuriate in, like fresh cotton sheets, crisp with summer breezes. I need to put my watch in my pocket and soak up His Presence like a dry sponge does, first slowly then thirstily, the empty holes quickly filling with cool water.

So, as I'm up far too late as it is, I will turn toward soaking in my spa with a good book and then to bed after posting a Lectio Divina site for my readers. Also from Bosco Peter's wonderful Liturgy New Zealand web site, I point out his wonderful little guide to Lectio Divina, to Divine Reading: Liturgy: Lectio Divina.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be gone for at least twelve hours and 120 miles tomorrow. I spent this afternoon watching and preparing for our next film for Brave Writer at the Movies, so I should be able to come home, post my well-researched thread on My Boy Jack, and collapse gratefully into bed, wishing for clean, crisp sheets but ecstatic to be prone at long last.

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