Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Keith's Newest Stained Glass Door Is Finished!

A year ago, Keith finished the above masterwork of stained glass -- four feet by five feet, 1500+ pieces, Tiffany-inspired. Gorgeous. Last September Keith installed it in the Ademas' home to great admiration. And this month Keith completed a companion piece -- a pocket door for their bedroom -- that picks up elements from the original window and also from their front door. So..... here it is, the newest Keith Barrett stained glass window -- and he made the wooden door, too:

Keith putting the finishing touches on the window and door.

Detail of the window ....

The stained glass window/door will be installed tomorrow at the Ademas. I can't wait to see it in tandem with the big window. It's gonna be gorgeous!


CC said...

Absolutely beautiful!

sarah haliwell said...

That' stunning!

Anne said...

Great talent! It's beautiful!


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