Wednesday, December 8, 2010

After a Week of Thanks, Gratitude Continues

Our home fires burning....

It's been a crazy-busy week, so I have been rather scarce here. Monday was a grading day and a school day with hardly a chance to catch a breath, especially after being sick for the previous four days. Tuesday was B's birthday which we spent away from home, and today was another busy day of preparing for our co-op Class Day classes tomorrow.

But I missed posting my additions to the Gratitude Community on my path to One Thousand Gifts. So, a couple of days late, I add these thanks overflowing:

441. ...our youngest's 11th birthday was yesterday, a lovely day of celebration at Sea World with our family, my parents, a quick trip to the college to see our eldest so she could wish him "Happy Birthday" in person--our youngest is our hilarious one, the one who carries laughter constant in his pocket

442. ...for our middle son's piano as each morning wakes abrim with beautiful music and "Amazing Grace"

443. ...for the quiet reminder of the nativity set on our mantel, whispering what is truly important this season: the birth of a Saviour

444. ...for the days spent with our daughter during our long Thanksgiving break, and for her touch everywhere I look in this house decorated for the Holy Days of Advent and Christmas

445. ...for the thirty poems written this past month--some good, some not so good and for the flow of pen on paper, untangling words from mind into sonorous silence.

446. ...for the poets and writers I've "met" along the journey of writing these thirty poems and also at She Writes. I hope to continue learning from them all

447. ...for an almost-full journal, one that will be filled before this year closes in a few weeks

448. ...for Advent music, especially "O Come Emmanuel"

449. ...for the beautiful Advent calendar, sewn nine years ago by Keith's sister and her daughters, gracing our wall, each handsewn pocket stuffed with Word

450. ...for the grace in gathering my not-so-little chicks together each evening around lit Advent candles to read and pray His Word as we await His coming again

So as we try to keep the Holy Days under some sort of control, with candles flickering and music playing softly in the background, may we remember for WHOM we await this Advent season.

With thanks this Advent season,

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