Monday, December 26, 2011

A Snowy Christmas Day in Photos

4th Week of Advent...our family Advent wreath

After spending Christmas Eve with Keith's family and Christmas Morning with just the kids, Keith, and I, we drove fifteen minutes (and 2000 feet in elevation) from our little town to an even smaller one: Mount Laguna, elevation 6000 feet.
There at my parents' 600 sq ft cabin, we squeezed nineteen people for Christmas dinner. The saving grace was the foot of snow that kept almost everyone outside: sledding down the hill behind the cabin, snapping photos of sledding, creating a snow-squirrel (don't ask), or, with my extended family, smoking and drinking. ;)
Enjoy the photos!!!
My parents' cabin atop Mount Laguna

Timothy runs down the snowman in the sledding path
My brother Tom, Brooke, Grant, and Elizabeth at the back
Jonathan hurtling down the track
Benjamin trekking back up the hill....
Christmas snow

Merry Second Day of Christmas!!!

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