Thursday, December 1, 2011

YES!!!!! NaNoWriMo Winner!!!!

YES!!!!!!!! I buckled down like crazy yesterday with 36,500 words written out of the 50,000 words required to "win" National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and wrote ALL DAY LONG.

And I finished. I verified my 50,000-word "novel" with exactly 14 minutes to spare before the midnight November 30 deadline.

I didn't write a novel, though. I completed one novel already started and worked on additional chapters for a second one.

They're not publishable, but they've been wonderful stress-relievers when stacks of essays are teetering precariously and editing jobs are piling up.

It's just been plain FUN.

But finishing NaNoWriMo was also important as for the first time, I offered extra credit to my co-op high school expository writing class: one extra credit point for every 1,000 words written, for a maximum of 50 extra credit points.

Therefore, I couldn't very well not finish when I have half my class as Writing Buddies.

So with a throbbing neck, aching and swollen fingers, and a drained brain, I am simply grateful that, by the grace of God, I pulled out the proverbial "Hail Mary" and wrote my heart out.

Did any of you try NaNoWriMo? How far did you get? Did you finish/win? What did you write? Please leave comments so we can chat about our NaNoWriMo experiences.

Happily spent from writing,


Sue Elvis said...


I followed your link from the UC group.

Congratulations! What a thrilling way to end your novel and your month. I wonder if there were moments on that last day when you doubted you might finish. I don't think I could have written so many words in so few hours.

Four of my daughters and I did NaNoWriMo for the first time and we were all successful. But we didn't have as many other things going on in our lives as you, while we were writing. We made writing the focus of November and abandoned everything else. It was such a fun month, we will have to do it again next year.

I wrote a children's story based around a family of six girls. (I have five daughters so this was familiar territory!) I managed to incorporate a few of our family's passions such as Shakespeare, cooking, music...

Good to share.

God bless!

Susanne Barrett said...

Thanks for posting, Sue! Somehow I didn't receive a notification as I usually do. And life has been so busy since NaNo that I haven't had time for updating, either. :)

Congratulations on finishing--and your kids, too! :) Your novel sounds lovely!! :)

God bless,
Susanne :)


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