Saturday, July 26, 2008

PV Day Parade: Town Festival

Our town festival used to be a three-day event, with a town BBQ on Friday night, the parade Saturday morning, crafts booths and rides, along with a rodeo all day Saturday and half the day Sunday. However, with the loss of the meadow for the rodeo, this year we were down to a single day, Saturday. This year all the events except for a few kiddie rides were held in the county park, and the atmosphere was truly wonderful, very community-oriented, for the first time in our seven years in the town.

The highlight of the festival is the parade, starting at 9 AM before the heat of the day. Both sides of the main street are lined with parade watchers, and kids catch candy thrown by the parade participants.

For the third year in a row, some of our kids (just the youngest two this time) rode on the vehicles supplied by Alpine Anglican Church of the Blessed Trinity.

The bagpipers supply my favorite music of the entire day (especially with the prevalence of my least favorite, country music, at the parade and played all day by the live band in the park's gazebo.

The Space Shuttle Cafe not only graced the parade route but also was to be found in the park afterward, serving up some lunch to hungry PV Day families. It was a bit of a shock seeing this thing coasting down Old Hwy 80 though....

The Clydesdales stepped into the parade route from the park entrance, pulling a steaming contraption, a dalmatian on the front seat. The horses were simply gorgeous -- I love their strength.

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was near the end of the parade lineup, which is always finished off by our town's fire department, our special heroes, who defend our small town from the dreaded forest fires with only one paid fire fighter and the rest completely volunteer.

If you'd like to see photos of our Arts Council booth that we "manned" (or rather "womanned") all day, they'll be up on our MECAC site.

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