Thursday, July 24, 2008

Treehouse Living....

The boys made trip after trip last night, moving items from their bedrooms up into the treehouse in preparation for living there for the remainder of the summer. Unfortunately, they got quite chilled last night as the temperatures dropped into the low 50's, so this morning they fortified themselves with the warmer sleeping bags and blankets.

Keith built the kids this treehouse when we first moved in. It was delayed in being finished by my illness, but all it needs now is an interior paint job and some carpet remnants. Not until Keith rigged them a long extension cord that provides them with light and a radio did they ascend the heights to sleep up there, the clear roof allowing them to see the stars at night as they sleep.

This is T's corner, his sleeping bag and blankets from last night somewhat neatly rolled up, his own chair and sandals handy.

J's corner includes a makeshift table holding the radio and electric fan, plus his own folding chair; his blankets and pillows are in the bin under the tabletop.

A door leads from the inside of the treehouse onto the deck where the boys took my good deck chairs for their own use. I believe they ate breakfast on the deck this morning after T sneaked into the house at 7 AM to make eggs and toast accompanied by fresh nectarines.

The view from the treehouse deck across the meadow, looking to the mountains across the valley...

I may have to spend a night up there myself sometime. I love sleeping under the stars, and to smell the vanilla scent of the Jeffrey Pine at the center of the treehouse would be heavenly!

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