Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 Olympics

Watching the 2008 Olympics each evening is simply breathtaking. Tonight American Michael Phelps made Olympic history with an eleventh Gold medal. As I type, I'm watching the Americans smash the World Record in the 800-Free Relay, the first relay team to ever come in under seven minutes, breaking the record by a full five seconds at 6.58.56. Michael Phelps is now the most decorated American swimmer as well, breaking Jenny Thompson's record as well. We're watching not only Olympic history but world history as well.

Last night E and I stayed up far too late, watching the American Men's Gymnastic Team battle through the loss of the Hamm brothers, their best gymnasts, to take a Bronze and were in serious contention for the Silver for much of the night. I'm now watching Women's Gymnastics, where the American and Chinese teams are battling for First Place. Over the past few days we've also watched the wonderful Beach Volleyball games with the dominating American Women's team and the courageous American Men as well. The kids have been watching water polo and other sports during the day, and we watched Synchronized Diving also, with the American men coming in fifth and the American women coming in eighth, but I believe that this Olympics is the first time the Americans even made it to the finals in Synchronized Diving.

Anyway, it's so amazing watching these games, especially Michael Phelps, smashing so many World Records and making Olympic History. WOW!!!!!

As far as the whole China thing, I still have HUGE problems with their human rights record, and understand those who think that we shouldn't be here at all. Yet when I watch our American athletes compete on the world stage, the Olympic stage, all that seems to fall into the background for these 16 days. It's still there, but this is time to let the world come together, even if some accuse China of flubbing the American National Anthem at Michael Phelp's Gold Medal Award ceremony early on (an accusation I can totally believe). But it's the Olympics, and as I type, the Women Gymnastics finals come down to the floor exerise, with the USA a mere point behind China....

GO USA! USA!! USA!!! USA!!!!

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journalrhythm said...

Phelps has definitely got me watching the Olympics this year. He's even got me writing songs about his quest to 8!
You can give my song a listen here:



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