Monday, August 11, 2008

The Window ... Week 25

Keith is nearing the end of cutting stained glass pieces. All is done except for two-and-a-half roses. All of the copper foil tape you see around the edges of individual pieces in the middle of the window must be very carefully soldered on this side (the back side) before Keith will EXTREMELY CAREFULLY and with help turn the entire four-foot by five-foot window over so he can solder the front side. He also needs to have a metal frame made for the window; he's still debating whether he'll do it himself or will pay a professional to make it. After painting on the patina which will turn all of the solder black and giving the entire window a good cleaning, we hope to have the window hanging in our front window by mid-September for a week or something so we can enjoy it for a little while before installing it in Dr. Adema and Marcia's home. I can't wait to see the light shone through it!

Keith has spent 25 weeks on this project, and by the end he will have accumulated several hundred hours and have worked for over half a year, evenings and weekends. It's simply gorgeous, even lying down on the table where we can only appreciate the reflected colors.

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