Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tonight's Finale: So You Think You Can Dance

Yes, E and I have watched another season of Fox's very popular "So You Think You Can Dance," and although it's not quite as wonderful as our reigning favorite "Dancing with the Stars," it was a thoroughly enjoyable season. Ballroom remains our favorite style of dance, but I have to say that I enjoyed seeing the contemporary, Broadway, and even a few hip-hop numbers this season. A few performances are completely memorable: Mark and Chelsie's hip-hop routine of a husband and wife's conflict over his work-aholism, Katee and Twitch's routine of a couple fighting with the door in between them, Katee and Joshua's "Bollywood" number, and Katee and Will's passe deux (or however it's spelled -- it's like ballet).

Obviously, Katee's work this season has been spectacular, and she's our favorite on the final four who performed last night. I would be okay with Joshua or Twitch also winning, but Courtney, although a remarkable dancer, just isn't quite up to the level of the other three. We wished Chelsie had stayed rather than Courtney, and we also miss Will greatly. Katee and Will have been dubbed the most technically-perfect dancers by the "jidges" (as Cat calls the judges), but Katee's talent goes far beyond perfect technique: she puts her ALL into every routine, and I don't think she danced a single bad routine the entire season. In fact, I don't recall her ever receiving a critical comment from the judges, but I may be a bit forgetful. I think she's been the most consistent dancer, the most emotional dancer (although Chelsie has been close), and the most joyous dancer. Every movement Katee makes emotes.

But to our utter disappointment, we weren't able to watch the final dances last night. Cable reception in the mountains can be a bit spotty, and our Fox station went completely black just as the show started. And it was restored just after Cat gave out the final phone numbers at the end of the two-hour show. E and I were ****intensely**** disappointed. And how could we vote for Katee? If we called each line, the response is "Thanks for voting for dancer #1," etc. But we were thrilled to see Julie's status update on Facebook encouraging everyone to vote for "#3 Katee," and E dialed in 30 times just before the two-hour deadline was up. We were very sorry to miss seeing the show (which Fox does not have available online), but at least we were able to cast votes in Katee's direction.

So we have our fingers crossed that the Fox station will remain clear tonight so we can watch the finale in which all of the Top 20 dancers return, including Kherington, our early favourite. And we are hoping and hoping that Katee will win top honours tonight on "So You Think You Can Dance" -- we certainly think she can!

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