Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Brilliant Pick: Sarah Palin

I had been looking forward with a little excitement to John McCain's pick for running mate. I had heard rumors of a female governor from a few states and had my fingers crossed for just such a brilliant choice. But as I watched McCain's press conference today, the morning after Obama's "big" speech (superb timing, IMHO), I found myself choking up as I listened to first McCain and then Palin herself. The kids noticed as we gathered around the TV together. So why was I in tears?

Tears of relief. Tears of joy. Sarah Palin is an "everywoman" in nearly every way: mother of five, including a baby son born in April with Downs Syndrome (I found out about the Downs later in the morning and it only endeared her to me the more), former PTA mom, hockey mom, mayor of a small town, running a rough race against both the Democratic and Republican establishments, her father a teacher and her mother a school secretary, her husband a Union member, her son being deployed to Iraq next month, a strong advocate of alternative energy and the environment, a woman of compassion and care -- in every way she's the Democrat's worst nightmare. Her track record of reaching across the aisle in appointments to her administration and her intelligence, wit, and warm demeanor, exuding confidence, all attracted me to her immediately. And she's only a year older than I am.
After watching her speech on TV this morning, I had to drive into the city to run errands, and for the first time in months, I tuned into talk radio to gobble up every details about Sarah Palin that I could. Rush gushed. Roger Hedgecock crowed. It was wonderful to hear the positive vibes coming across the radio waves. For the first time, we feel like sending money to the RNC which we usually do in each election but which Keith and I haven't felt at all like doing -- it just seemed like a waste of money with no real Conservative candidate to rally behind. No longer -- what a relief!

At last I am excited about this election. Thus far in this election, my assumed vote for McCain has been more against Obama than being "for" the Republicans, but all of that ambivalence disappeared today with McCain's brilliant choice of a woman of strong Conservative values, pro-life, yet not afraid to shake up the "good ol' boys" networks of politics-as-usual. I admire her courage and pride, her confidence and outspokenness. She's a wonderful role model for us Christian "feminists" who are still pro-life and pro-family but want to see a woman in high office with the same ideals as many of us wives and mothers.

Anyway, I am beyond THRILLED today with McCain's surprise announcement of a female running mate of such high calibre, and I simply "heart" Sarah Palin!

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