Monday, September 29, 2008

Excuses, Excuses....

I apologize for neglecting this blog. Our lives have been crazy-busy and are just beginning to settle back down into a semblance of normality. I have so many items to post but no time to even download photos from my camera, much less edit and post.

Once the Brave Writer class finishes on Friday, my life will return to normal, but I'll also have essays to grade from my writing classes, too. So I may be posting short snippets, but at least I'll be back posting here on a regular basis.

Upcoming posts (I hope!):
-- Stained glass window transport and unveiling
-- Our field trip today to the San Diego Maritime Museum (and Star of India)
-- Angels (Michael, Gabriel, etc.) whose Feast Day it is today
-- Local writing group ideas
-- Logos discussion of Death Comes for the Archbishop
-- Mystery novels by Anne Perry and Victoria Thompson
-- Growing kids
-- Healthy living

I hope to get to some or most of these this week. Crossing my fingers!

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