Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Project Runway....

The fifth season of Project Runway is just as wonderful, if not more so, than the first. The designers are more "regular" people this time around -- Jennifer, Joe, and Leanne are all three perfectly normal. Leanne has really grown on me after winning two challenges in a row and was robbed of a win on the last challenge (the avant garde astrological sign) -- hers was really the only truly avant garde outfit, despite Kenley's bizarre self-assurance that her U-G-L-Y dress with uneven puffed sleeves and the combination of plaid and floral that didn't mix at all and definitely had NOTHING to do with Aquarius. Of course, then there's Stella the biker and Blayne with his "licious" fixation who are definitely NOT the usual neighbors-next-door.

I really liked Kenley at first -- I adore vintage 40's and 50's clothing, but she is getting SOOOOO stubborn! I think it was Michael Kors who made the comment last episode (the astrological challenge) that Kenley seemed more like a Taurus than an Aquarius with her refusal to take criticism and her stubborn sticking to her ideas. Kenley seemed even more stubborn tonight in refusing to listen to Tim, being abnormally obtuse about the strengths and weaknesses in her clothes, and her rude laughter at others' expense ON THE RUNWAY -- and more than once. She practically left the runway in tears on tonight's episode (mother/career daughter challenge) because she didn't win. Not because she lost, but because she didn't win. She says she "doesn't care what the judges think" but they're the ones who decide who wins and who gets the "auf wiedersehen," dahling. You are waaaay too young to be dissing Tim and the judges without listening to their suggestions. Get over yourself, honey.

Kato and Jerell have turned out some really nice pieces, and Jerell definitely won this week's challenge (career girl/mother) -- totally. Suede is another one, however, who needs to get over himself. Suede talks about himself in third person and really has not gained the type of reputation (despite his little blue mohawk) that allow Suede to refer to himself in the third person, something that Leanne mentioned also -- hilarious!

Everyone left at this point (after tonight's episode) -- Leanne, Jerell, Kato, Suede, and Kenley -- are all talented, very much so. Suede has almost gone home the last two episodes, but he may hang on. At this point, I think that Jerell, Leanne, and Kato are the strongest. Kenley can really only do 40's and 50's dresses, and Suede is on a downward spiral. Kenley has a great deal of talent, but she ruins it by her stubborn insistence on her way or no way. It will catch up with her soon... very soon.

So far I really like Leanne's designs the best. Unless she really chokes, she should make it to Bryant Park. She learned very quickly from her first time in the bottom two to self-edit, and she's done two or three absolutely brilliant looks since then. She listens. She learns. She's kind, although she doesn't allow Kenley to get on her nerves and dishes it back at her fairly well. Leanne seems like a very normal person, not the usual "original" type contestant on Project Runway, but she's quietly creative, very innovative, and gets along really well with everyone except Kenley who seems to be making enemies right and left, even among the judges.

So we'll see how far Leanne makes it -- I hope to Bryant Park and to winning the whole enchilada. I liked Jillian last summer for the same reasons. And we'll see if Kenley's refusal to take advice from Tim and the judges will be her downfall -- I think it very well may be. I'd love to see another woman win Project Runway; Chloe must be getting lonely.

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