Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've Simply Been Swamped....

I'm pausing from my whirlwind-of-a-life to say that, yes, I will write here again soon. We spent last week preparing for a weekend of afternoon visitors to see Keith's incredibly beautiful stained glass window that is displayed in our living room for a few days before final installation Friday in Dr. Adema's home. Because of the gardening and house cleaning and 40+ people who have stopped by to see the window, I didn't write my poetry assignments for Brave Writer over the weekend as I did last week so I've been scrambling and posting assignments after 1:00 AM this week! Add to that tutoring Monday and Tuesday afternoons, plus driving over 100 miles round trip to watch one of my best students ever receive a $10,000 scholarship from Nordstrom's today which was wonderful but conflicted with actually getting school accomplished today, and we have a running-behind Moi.

We got home from the scholarship presentation (will post more soon as it's a cool story!) just in time to gulp down a few bites of lunch after 3 PM, start tutoring at 3:30, and then have back-to-back visitors to see the window from 4PM to 9 PM. I love having people come by to see the window and to chat, especially Keith's sister who stayed for our Chicken Parmigiana dinner, but I am so worn out from the last ten days that I fell asleep while typing replies to Brave Writer families tonight. Yep -- dozed off with fingers still on the keyboard and everything.

I still have an entire BW assignment on Japanese poetry ("tanka," to be precise) to write early tomorrow morning and Class Day to prepare for Thursday. On Friday Keith, his brother, and a neighbor will be ***very gingerly*** transporting the stained glass window from our home to Dr. Adema's. It will be the longest ten miles of Keith's life, I think. And those last few hundred feet of dirt washboard road will be the most terrifying. We have the grand unveiling on Saturday night -- a semi-formal evening affair. I also am leading our Logos discussion on Cather's Death Comes for the Archbishop on Sunday. (Which I still need to finish reading, of course.) So I suppose I won't really be able to flop into my favorite armchair and truly relax for at least another five days or so. At least.

But I really want to write about Tyler receiving his scholarship. And the interview I gave the Nordstrom's people was filmed -- I was "miked" for the first time in my life and apparently did okay as after the ordeal was finished, the director asked me if I had done televised interviews before as we had hardly a retake. So I will post photos and write about Tyler's wonderful surprise today -- as soon as I can write without falling asleep on my keyboard, that is....

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