Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall TV ...

Tonight as we watched the two-hour Bones season premiere, I find myself looking forward to the premieres of so many of our favorite shows. Last night we watched the final two episodes of this season's (soon-to-be last season's) of House and E and I are greatly anticipating the new season, especially Wilson's reaction after Amber's death. We are also awaiting the cliff-hangers of ER (who died when the ambulance blew up?), CSI (is Warwick really dead?), CSI Miami (with Horatio left shot and bleeding on the tarmac), NCIS (what will happen to the team after Jenny's death?), Criminal Minds (who got blown up?), and Ghost Whisperer (who will die?). Plus we are in the midst of the fifth season of Project Runway (go Kenley!) and are also a new season of Dancing with the Stars (with Misty May!).

Early September is always difficult, having to wait for all of the new seasons to begin, especially when so many of this season's programs ended in cliff-hangers that will definitely change the course of the story lines of the shows.

Part of me, of course, wonders why I am so interested in these shows, ALL of these shows. But with my illnesses, I tend to need a good deal of couch time in the evenings. As much as I would rather spend my evenings writing or reading or doing something constructive, I need to be prone and rest this tired body and these sore muscles if I hope to actually move the next day. So I try not to feel like I'm being lazy, but know that I am doing what I have to do to rest and happen to like to be entertained while I do so. And with the quality of TV lately, it's no wonder that we wait with anticipation for the new TV season. Yay! Some are starting now, and some in a few weeks, but it will be wonderful to be back with our favorite small-screen characters once again.

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