Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

Last night and tonight made up Week 4 of the 8th Season of Dancing with the Stars and was a double-elimination. Thankfully, the "right" people went home tonight: Holly & Dmitri and Steve & Karina. Last week, Denise & Max went home, and the first ones eliminated were Belinda & Jonathan.

Now that the dross is eliminated from the show (the two couples eliminated tonight were embarassingly bad, especially Steve Wozniak, or however his name is spelled), I am really looking forward to the rest of the season. The front runners are three couples: Giles and Cheryl who received the first perfect score, Melissa and Tony, and Shawn & Mark. The couple I like best is Ty & Chelsie who started the first week *very* rough and are improving so rapidly. We recognize Chelsie from last summer's So You Think You Can Dance and really loved her dancing. She's the second pro to come to Dancing with the Stars from Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, Lacey being the first. A rodeo star, Ty is married to San Diego native singer Jewel who had to back out of Dancing with the Stars with an injury before the show started. Ty has come along by leaps and bounds, and his shyness and humility are refreshing. Currently they are my favorite couple this season, and Shawn & Mark are my second favorite couple. There are other couples I like also, but these two are my favorites.

I really enjoy the dances, the music, and the couples who learn to dance well together. I miss dancing, especially the ability to do physical activities that I cannot do currently. I would LOVE to take ballroom dancing lessons - and with my husband who claims he has no rhythm. Aaah, one can dream....

But the next best thing is watching Dancing with the Stars and cheering on our favorites through the Viennese Waltz, the Samba, the Mambo, the Foxtrot, the Quickstep, etc. Whether Ballroom or Latin, all of the dances are fun to watch. However, we don't allow the boys to watch because of the rather revealing costumes (or the lack thereof). How ABC calls Dancing with the Stars a "family show" is completely beyond me with the vast majority of the women dancing around half-naked. But E and I try to ignore the immodest costumes and enjoy the dances and music.

So we'll continue enjoying the beautiful ballroom dancing this spring and also watch So You Think You Can Dance this summer. Dance, baby, dance!

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Jane D said...

My daughter and I really love watching the english version 'Strictly Come Dancing' every year, and I too yearn for the ability to dance again....I'm dreaming with you!


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