Wednesday, March 4, 2009

U2's No Line on the Horizon

I had my first chance to listen to U2's new CD today after wresting it away from my 16-year-old who bought it for me in the first place as a late birthday present. I loaded it onto my iPod last night and lost the rest of my 1,000+ song library. Don't get me wrong -- I'm ecstatic to be able to listen to U2's newest offering at last, but am really bummed that all I have on my iPod now are the 40-some songs I've purchased from gift cards and only the two CDs I loaded last night: No Line on the Horizon and the Mamma Mia! soundtrack. That's it. I have a slight chance to reload it as I downloaded all my files, possibly including my iTunes library, onto an external hard drive. I'll have to see if Keith can do anything with it. But I will probably have to reload all of those CDs all over again. Sigh.

But back to U2. The boys from Dublin have put together quite an album with a lot of Christian overtones. Two of the song titles definitely bring up matters of faith: "White as Snow" and "Cedars of Lebanon." I have only listened once and mostly while I was driving (which with my old Corolla and a poor sound system meant I heard the tune but not the lyrics) or during J's guitar lessons (with three students plus Father Acker playing a variety of songs). In other words, I still have much to truly listen to -- but my impressions so far is that I ADORE this new CD that is novel and fresh yet totally and absolutely U2. I've heard "Get on Your Boots" a few times, including at the Grammy's, and it's a fun, rockin' song much like "Elevation" and "Vertigo." The song "Stand Up Comedy" is intriguing ... I just caught bits and pieces of it.

So far I really like this new CD ... and am thrilled that U2 is also releasing another CD this fall. The story was published today on E Online which details a Rolling Stone Magazine interview with Bono: Even More New Music Coming from U2

So I'll write more later about No Line on the Horizon as this CD, along with U2's other music, becomes part of my mind, heart, and soul.

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