Friday, March 27, 2009

What a Week!

Sorry I haven't been here -- I've missed writing my blog terribly but it's definitely been "one of those" weeks. The two middle boys in 6th and 8th grades had standardized testing as required by our private independent study program (PSP), Heritage Christian School. The Stanford Achievement Tests are required for all students in grades 4-11 unless high schoolers are taking either the PSAT (which E did) or the SAT (which she will in June). B is in third this year, so he won't be starting until next year, if he's ready. If he isn't (he's my latest reader thus far), then I can sign a waiver with the school and skip it again. But he may be ready by then -- a year can make a huge difference in reading ability.

So, anyway, we had to be at Del Cerro Baptist Church, our Class Day site, which is a 75-mile round trip from our house. On Monday we were to be there at 8:15 AM, and by 8:45 AM on Tuesday and Wednesday. So we're talking EARLY mornings for this night-owl family. And on Thursday we were back again at Del Cerro for our twice-monthly co-op Class Days. So today (Friday) is the first day we've had a semi-normal school day all week long. On Monday and Tuesday, B and I did his schoolwork while I graded Class Day essays at the nearest Starbuck's to the Class Day site. On Wednesday, we had all four kids with us and after dropping T and J at the testing site, B, E and I went shopping for T's birthday gift and then settled in at Starbuck's until the boys finished. From there we drove to the San Diego Zoo where the scooter once again was a huge blessing as I could motor around the zoo with no one having to push me up and down hills. Bliss! We met my parents there (they give us annual passes to the zoo and Wild Animal Park each spring which we use several times) and they took us to lunch. E bought T a stuffed animal of his choice as his gift. After the zoo, we came home and had Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches (such a treat!) and rootbeer floats to celebrate T's 14th birthday.

On Thursday we had Class Day, and I had all but one essay graded from my Starbuck mornings all week. Usually I'm grading 3-4 essays during my free period between classes, but not this time. I was sooo proud of myself. Or I was until I relized that I had left the Intermediate Writing essays in my *other* bag I had been taking to Starbuck's all week. I couldn't run all the way home and back in time for class, so the students will have to wait to get their essays back until next time. I've never forgotten essays before ... but it's been that kind of week....

Today I ran down to Alpine for the Friday Healing Mass with Father Acker. The quiet, the prayer, the Scripture, the Communion ... just what I needed. I came home by 10:40 and helped the boys through their limited schoolwork of math, grammar, spelling, writing, piano, guitar, and typing. I curled up on the sofa by 3 PM and rested all afternoon, if editing the 150 photos from retreat and the zoo and writing part of the Brave Writer Boomerang qualifies as resting.

And, thankfully, tomorrow is another day.

Another day to finish the Boomerang and complete my reading of Cry of the Peacock for Logos on Sunday. And REST some more.

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