Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dreams of Summer

After four months straight of online teaching, I am looking forward so much to this summer. After the busy-ness of grading final essays, adding up fourth quarter grades, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies and parties coming up in the next two weeks, I have one thing on my mind:

Reading on the beach.

It may sound shallow, but right now I want nothing more than to settle into a low-slung canvas beach chair on Law Street Beach, dig my toes into sea-cooled sand, crack open a brand-new mystery novel, don my sunglasses, drink iced tea, and R-E-L-A-X. I want the crashing waves in my ears and in my eyesight when I look up. I want to stretch out on my Pride and Prejudice beach towel and, tucking my head into my arms, letting the sun bake my back.

And not a single, solitary deadline on the horizon.

I want to turn page after page, all afternoon--resting, relaxing, engrossed in something outside of myself for most of a day for once.

With absolutely no worries.

For an afternoon, at least.

And I hope to do this on Sunday briefly, even with deadlines looming and papers to be graded--but then return after the middle of the month and be able to relax with all deadlines met, all essays graded and returned.

So until I'm finished with this school year, I will dream of books and beaches, of toes digging deep into sand and sun streaming across my back.

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