Monday, June 28, 2010

Giving Thanks...Always

As summer stretches its arms upwards toward the blazing sun, bringing brown to what used to be green across my front yard, and to the fields waving cheerily in dry afternoon breezes, becoming tinder for autumn fires so prevalent in our area, I settle on porch, cupping palm around blue pansies. Green stays only when well-watered, deep. And green stays in our hearts when we water gratitude, deep.

And thus I continue on the path to One Thousand Gifts via The Gratitude Community at Holy Experience as I thank God for...

214. ...the privilege of helping Father Acker of Alpine Anglican Church of the Blessed Trinity revise his modern-language version of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer over the past few days. What an opportunity and blessing to pray through these prayers, many dating back to the original Thomas Cranmer version of 1549 and others back to the early Christian Church.

215. ...the loveliness of bodily rest, something I have not enjoyed for far too long.

216. ...the hugs of my boys who tower over me (well, two of the three do) yet demand "Mommy-time" despite being teenagers who eat constantly.

217. ...cuddling to pray with my husband when midnight passes and morning edges ever closer.

218. ...watching movies with my girl, our favorite thing to do together. And especially in anticipation of tomorrow night's Twilight Triple Feature at the nearest movie theater.

219. sister and her two kids coming out from Montana and spending this week with us, and the many activities we have planned for this week.

220. ...the hard, hard work my husband does each day, building and painting and sweating in the sun.

221. ...e-mailing our four kids' homeschooling grades into our school last Friday: we're now officially done with the 2009-2010 school year!

222. fellow bloggers, Tweeters, and Facebook friends who read, pray, respond, and give me many a warm fuzzy when I desperately need them.

223. ...the quiet and peace of my prayer corner, looking out window onto browned fields and Cuyamaca cypresses.

224. ...the time to read and watch movies and relax with my family.

225. ...for green things that grow and bloom, despite my benign neglect of my garden.

Thanking God for each of you, too, dear readers,

holy experience

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K.M. Weiland said...

I love reading people's "thank-you lists." Makes me all the more aware of what I have to be thankful for myself. Bodily rest is up there at the top of my list this summer too!


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