Monday, June 14, 2010

Gratitude Overflowing...

This morning as I sleepily rub eyes and blink to concentrate scattered thoughts, planning to recover inchingly from graduation and birthday celebrations (anniversary celebrations start tomorrow), I find myself overflowing with thankfulness. And what better way to celebrate the goodness of God than with additions to the Gratitude Community at Ann Voskamp's wonderful Holy Experience? So on I travel, on the road to 1000 Gifts of a gracious and loving Father of Lights:

So on this drowsing morning, I give thanks for...

181. ...the beauty of Elizabeth's high school graduation, seeing her lovely face smiling at us while she gave her speech, her glow as she stepped down the aisle to "Pomp and Circumstance," her tear-filled eyes as she presented me with a yellow rose in thanks for twelve years of home education.

182. ...the love of family and friends who gathered to celebrate with us at her graduation, several of which who don't usually approach churches, stating that they very much enjoyed the graduation, that is was unlike any other (and it was!).

183. ...the pleasure of seeing other students of mine besides my daughter graduate, most giving speeches, one thanking me in his speech (thanks, Cam!)--students whose essays I've marked, whom I've taught about writing and infused with an appreciation of, if not a passion for, writing and literature--I hope!

184. ...observing through loving mother's eyes the beautiful young woman our daughter has become, so sure of herself (at least outwardly), so enthused about college and her future in God's grace.

185. ...celebrating our son J's 13th birthday also this weekend. He has now passed me in height and will soon pass Keith--a man-child who insists, several times a day, on "needing to hug my mommy." On his birthday he requested Monte Cristo sandwiches for breakfast--one of Keith's specialities, and to spend the afternoon with his dad seeing Iron Man II. He's having a friend spend a couple of days with us, and another friend over today for pizza, cake, video games, and war games in the yard with his new BB gun.

186. ...celebrating my and Keith's 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow. We plan to drop kids with my parents and attend the county fair tomorrow, then enjoy dinner at a Del Mar restaurant. We're also hoping for a weekend away sometime this summer, depending on finances.

187. ...the goodness of God in working out details of graduation and birthday celebrations, of blessing us and our family so wonderfully. He breathes His grace upon us, into us, and we can't help but love Him and all others in response.

188. ...seeing my mom and dad dance a bit at E's graduation Sock Hop yesterday. After my dad's surgery, he is to be recovering, and it was wonderful to see him enjoy himself so much at the Sock Hop; we're so blessed that he's still with us after his double by-pass in late April.

189. ...the blessing of being DONE with our home school year. T has a bit of German to finish, J a bit of math, E & B a bit of reading, but easily accomplished this week, but we've clocked our 180 days and are DONE as soon as I e-mail in our grades to Heritage Christian School.

190. ...the blessing of being DONE with Brave Writer classes for the summer. After teaching four classes in a row with only one week-long break (which was used for class preparations), I need time to rest body and mind, soul and spirit.

191. ...the blessing of being DONE with Class Day teaching at Heritage Christian School's co-op, one of seven co-ops across San Diego County and even in Tijuana. I enjoyed seeing/hearing my high school writing students give oral presentations of their final MLA essays on our last day, and I enjoyed even more seeing/hearing my 4th-6th grade poetry students each give a reading of his/her three favorite original poems. At the suggestion of Guest Poet and dear friend Kathryn Belsey, who truly inspired my little class, I worked with the parents to print an anthology that included each students' three poems; the students and their parents LOVED it!

192. ...the peace of summer break--being able to sleep in, to linger leisurely over my mug of Irish Breakfast tea, the unhurried pace of summer rest, the opportunities opening before me. I may despise the heat of summer, but I love being unencumbered by deadlines and workloads and able to just BE with my family.

All thanks be to God and in His glory,

holy experience

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easier said than done. 一起努力吧! ....................................................


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