Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blogging about Books and Writing

I've been swamped lately and haven't had much time for reading, much less posting, at the women's writing community She Writes. But it is a wonderful place to write about writing. I'm part of several groups there, including an excellent blogging group called Blogging About Books and Writing. This post today is part of a blog hop so that we can meet one another and make some wonderful e-friends. I'm all for that. :)

My blog here is about a lot of stuff, but books and writing definitely comprises close to half of my postings. Being a writing teacher, formerly at the university level, and now online at Brave Writer and also at our home school co-op where I teach high school students, I do write a lot about writing. :) I've also been writing a little fiction lately, although most of my writing is poetry and nonfiction.

If anyone would like a peek at some of my poems, there's a page of Selected Poems here that you may wish to visit. I also list my favorite books about the craft of writing at Best Writing Books above, although I'm sure that most of my favorites are not new to most of you.

We were asked by Meg to post a tidbit about blogging about books and writing. Mine is simple, and perhaps too simple: blog about what you love. Your passion will shine through, and readers will feel a true connection with you and will want to continue reading what you write. It's the same advice I give my writing students, and I think it's a simple little thing that we grown-ups too often forget as we try to budge our way into a certain niche in the blogosphere.

Anyway, please consider this little post a warm welcome to my (new) friends from She Writes as we meet and greet each other today.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!

In writerly friendship,


Julie said...

Hi Susanne! I am participating in the blog hop and am glad to have found your blog. It's great to meet you!

Fi said...

Fellow blog hopper here. Fantastic tip. Look forward to reading more.

Deborah Lawrenson said...

Hello - also from the SheWrites site and delighted at the introduction to your blog.

Susanne Barrett said...

Hi Julie, Fi, and Deborah--
It's lovely to "meet" you all, and I'm going to go check out your blogs right now.

Thanks so much for stopping by and saying "hi." :)

Janel said...

Nice to meet you through the blog hop! I love reading blogs where the author's personality shines through in their posts.

backcountrywriter said...

Nice to meet another rural California writer via She Writes.

Meryl said...

Hi Susanne, nice to meet you. I am also a She Writer - getting to the Blog Hop a bit late.

Loved your post and learning about you. It seems we have a good amount in common: I too am a mom/educator and I too blog about parenting and education. I also teach an online writing course through Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (and actually teach a lot of home schoolers).

I would love for you to check out my blog and maybe talk about guest blogging. My blog is:

Hope to talk more.

All the best,
Meryl Jaffe PhD

Anne K. Albert said...

Lovely site. Now a follower. Also at She Writes!

Joanne said...

I love your advice to blog what you love. Readers sense that, and they pick up on the energy and positive feelings. Happy blogging :)

kellyhashway said...

Hi, Susanne. I'm stopping by for the blog hop. I like your tip. If you are passionate about something, readers are more likely to enjoy your blog. Sometimes I think passion is contagious.

Dee said...

Excellent tip! Write about what you love. I think we all have heard this at some point before, even embraced it, then gotten sidetracked by goals or life.

Thanks for the reminder!


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