Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Playing with Poetry

This week I started teaching the Playing with Poetry Workshop at Brave Writer. I've still been so swamped with catching up with everything that slid so abysmally while I helped to complete the prayer book that I still haven't quite come up for air yet.

I think I need a vacation. Perhaps some time in March, my month "off" between Brave Writer classes. Of course, I need to be writing the April class on Macbeth during that time and be revising my family Shakespeare workshop I'm teaching in May, plus be working on my MLA Research Essay book I hope Julie will want to sell on the Brave Writer site.

Anyway, I'm reworking the poetry workshop to make it even more kid-friendly, moving free verse up to Week One and making the Song Lyric assignment an option for older students. It's a fun class to write and teach--the kids are sooooo creative and the moms love watching their kids be creative. So it's a win/win all around. I love teaching the writing of poetry even more than poetry explication, but that's a whole 'nother class that we may do at Brave Writer in the future.

So in case you've been wondering if I've dropped off the face of the earth, I've been working on the poetry workshop, plus I've been dealing with some family issues that are highly stressful. I'll write about them later because I can't write much about either of them without breaking down in floods o' tears, and I don't have time for that now.

Perhaps in March....

But now I need to get our middle son to his piano lesson while I tutor the piano teacher's daughter in writing, a very nice bartering situation in general, but tonight I also have to grade a stack of essays for my co-op Class Day courses tomorrow plus prepare handouts and tabulate semester grades for my classes, not to mention my own three homeschooled boys. Semester grades are due on February 14. Sigh.... 

No wonder my head is spinning so frequently lately. I thought it was just because I haven't had time to see my chiropractor for two weeks....

Fleetingly yours as I rush out the door,

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Jane D. said...

missing you, take care and enjoy the poetry x.


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