Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Book of Common Prayer 2011

Printer's Review Copy of BCP 2011

I started working with Father Keith Acker of Alpine Anglican Church of the Blessed Trinity, a Reformed Episcopal Church, in June on editing his edition of the Book of Common Prayer, along with his wife, Alice. Under the headship of Bishop Richard Boyce, Father Acker has revised and rewritten the traditional Book of Common Prayer. It's simply lovely! I feel so privileged to be asked to work on this project.

Using the English Standard Version for Scripture verses and the Psalter, this prayer book includes Morning and Evening Prayer, Compline, Family Prayers, a Lectionary, the Propers, the Psalter, Healing Services, plus Marriage, Baptism, and Ordination services, as well as Christian Education (catechism), and much more. It's all revised in modern language while retaining distinctly Anglican doctrine and historic tradition.

This Book of Common Prayer 2011 is a trial version for the Reformed Episcopal Church and is available for liturgical review by the Anglican Church of North America.

Printer's Review Copy of BCP 2011

On Monday a printer's review copy arrived, and I stopped by the Ackers' home to take a peek. I think the most common word out of my mouth was "Wow!" (I know, so erudite!) I couldn't believe that I was holding a printed copy of our efforts!

Father contacted the printer with a few changes, and we're hoping to receive the printed order in mid-March. I'll post the website as soon as it's up and functioning. I can't wait to tell many of my friends about the availability of the new Book of Common Prayer 2011 and pray for its wide adoption within the Reformed Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of North America.

Having a hard time waiting for the boxes to arrive,

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This is so wonderful!! I can't wait to see it:)


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