Thursday, June 14, 2007

School Daze Are Almost Done....

We wrapped up the last of our book work today for school with the boys. Yep, last day of area and perimeter, last day of studying fungi, last day of discussing the geography and culture of Canada (to finish up American History), last day of phonics, last day of spelling, last day of revising and recopying essays, and the last day of assigned readers. Yay! School's out!!!

E still has finals for world geography and Latin I tomorrow, so she spent the day closed up in her room, writing out final Latin exercises and studying maps and geography review questions. But she's finished algebra and English and physical science and Bible courses. One day more to go for our high schooler!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to take the boys on a picnic to Green Valley Falls or somewhere in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park which will give E peace and quiet for taking her exams. I'm hoping that the Falls are running so the boys will be able to play in the water. We're also taking along our sketchbooks.

Over the summer we still need to finish up California History with the boys. We're doing it with our neighbors, and we're about 2/3 the way through the program. We also want to take the three CA History students on a field trip to Julian, especially the gold mines which are only open on weekends. So that's in our plans.

It's been a good year. All is done and done well, except CA History, which we'll finish up at our leisure. The kids' standardized tests show good results, and I'm already planning for next year's home school. We'll be back at our school's co-op Class Days, and I'll be teaching two high school writing classes, one college prep and one honors.

But that's next year. This year is done and done well! Yahoo!!!!!

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