Sunday, June 17, 2007


This weekend I had time to work on my book. Before I send a certain book to a friend across the country (It's on it's way, Carrie! I promise!), I needed to take a few notes. A few notes turned into nine handwritten pages before too long -- all on the saints and how they can affect our Christian walk.

Saints inspire us, encourage us, and perhaps even intercede for us -- all of which makes knowing their stories a valuable part of our Christian journey. They've BTDT in their own lives, and we can look to them as pilgrims further along the journey than we are, and we can find help in them as they point us to Christ.

And now that summer vacation is actually, finally here, I'm hoping to have more time to write, write, write. And I'm definitely of J.K. Rowlings' mindset: the best place to write is in cafes. I'll be spending a goodly amount of time at the coffee places in our small town as well as down in the city. But when I can't get away, I suppose that the beach chair on the front lawn will have to do....

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