Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anglican Missions

This morning I received two letters regarding the upcoming Anglican global missions conference being held in Jerusalem. Missions is also something near and dear to my heart; our family supports two missionary families (one local, one abroad) on a monthly basis and about a dozen in consistent prayer. I'm really excited about this upcoming conference and pledge to pray during these forty days. I've listed the prayers recommended by Father Acker in my calendar, and of course will add spontaneous prayers as well.

A letter from Bishop Richard Boyce:

As you know Father Will and I will be attending the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) next month. I hope each member of our church will join in bringing this historic gathering before God during the 40 days leading to our going up to Jerusalem (beginning Wednesday, May 21st). Our gathering as bishops and leaders from around the world is to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28.17) as the fellowship of faithful Anglicans worldwide. Pray, that having left the endless 'dialog' behind, we will work hand in hand to make the Love of God known in every part of the world that we might bring many to know Jesus to be the way, the truth, and the life. In addition to the Prayer Book collects for the Church, for unity, and for mission, you will also find additional material at the Common Cause Partnership prayer site for GAFCON. I bid you to ask Almighty God to inspire all who are gathered in His Most Holy Name to make Jesus Christ known in the mission work we plan as His Church.

Then Father Acker's call to prayer for the church family of Blessed Trinity:

Greeting in Christ Jesus our Lord!

Today is 40 days from the beginning of the historic gathering of the leaders of the Anglican Churches who are willing to move ahead rather than remain in the mire of endless talk. The mission is that given by Jesus…go to all the world…make disciple…baptizing them in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The only way to salvation is in Jesus, so we need to pray for the faithful bishops (280+) and other leaders (1000+) who are willing to set in motion bringing the Gospel of Jesus to all places including San Diego, California, and all of North America.

This is important work asking God to direct the hearts and minds who gather at Jerusalem. I bid you to pray diligently: For the Church (BCP p.37) that we might be faithful to Jesus; For Missions (BCP p. 38;two prayers—a double share) that we might make Christ known; For the Unity of God’s People (BCP p.37) that Jesus might clearly be seen in our common belief; A Prayer for all Conditions of Men (BCP p. 32) that in the bond of peace we might make Jesus known; For Christian Service (BCP p.43) that we might carry out the work of making Jesus known by showing the Love of God to a lost world; and A Collect for Grace (BCP p.17) that the Power of God might move mightily among us to the glory of His most Holy Name. These seven prayers are to be a beginning for your intercession each day of the week during these 40 days.

Our bishop is asking us to pray. Forward in Faith is asking us to pray. We are joining with our Common Cause Partners to pray. The gathering at Jerusalem is solely to make Jesus Christ known. It is what we should expect of true leaders of Christ’s Church. It is what we ask God to make effectual as we are in communion in our one Lord, Jesus Christ.

In Jesus’ Name,
Father Keith
Alpine Anglican Church of the Blessed Trinity

Whether or not you yourself are Anglican, I invite all Christians to pray for this missions outreach next month as the global (conservative/Biblical) Anglican Church mobilizes for greater missions in Christ our Lord. May the Lord Christ guide these Christian leaders from around the world as they gather in Jerusalem and follow His leading in spreading the Gospel of Christ around the world.

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