Friday, May 9, 2008

My Other Favorite Magazine... Touchstone Magazine

Besides Victoria Magazine that is finally back after a very long hiatus, my favorite magazine is Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity. I first saw Touchstone at Carrie's cosy home in North Carolina before we left together to drive to our Internet community's retreat on Topsail Island last spring. When I spied it on her coffee table, I felt drawn to the cover immediately, and when I discovered that the journal consisted of articles written by Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox contributors, the content drew me in as well. The articles were thought-provoking, positive, encouraging, and ecumenical. Some were long, but others were short snippets just right for a busy homeschooling mom-on-the-go. And they also reviewed the best of the new books from all three Christian traditions.

The cost of Touchstone, however, was prohibitive, so I resigned myself to not being able to enjoy this journal which I was eager to read because of its ecumenical spirit and its emphasis on "mere christianity," the common causes that all Christian traditions can embrace. But then I discovered that my dear friend Judith subscribed, and she started passing me her copies when she finished with them. Thanks to her generosity, I am now a happy reader of Touchstone. I also love the emphasis on literature and philosophy, as well as theology, in the journal. I'm passing the issues when I finish with them to Linda and Kitty, so they are definitely making the rounds.

And the Touchstone blog is really cool, too. Called Mere Comments, the posts are intriguing and give me more to "chew on" besides the actual magazine itself. Check it out!

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