Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Note from John Armstrong:

After a very looooooong day "down the hill" in the city that included Bible study at Lake Murray, teaching B his homeschool lessons during the study and after in the fellowship hall, an impromtu prayer gathering in the church office, and an appointment with my doctor, I finally got home just before 5 PM. Upon opening my e-mail (which had blossomed to nearly 70 messages whilst I was away), I was thrilled to receive an e-mail from John Armstrong.

As readers of this blog know, John Armstrong is one of my favorite church leaders. His dream of unity among all Christian traditions has inspired me, as it is also a long-held hope of mine as well. As I posted earlier this week regarding ecumenism, I referenced John's blog and left a comment there for him. And I received this lovely e-mail yesterday in reply to my comment:


It was so neat to get your email and post your comments on my blog. I am glad you found me in this way. I went to your site and loved it. We share much in common it seems. I hope we find a way to connect more in the coming days. I will try to go back to your site now and then as well.

Please pray for me as I am writing a book on this very subject of "the new ecumenism." Zondervan will bring it out in 2009 if I can get it done by this summer. Perhaps we can talk someday, by phone or in person.

Grace and peace,


Wow, I feel as though I have been visited by a celebrity. :) I am honored by his kind response and continue praying for John and his Act 3 Ministry as he reaches out to Christians of all traditions, helping us to fulfill, through the Holy Spirit's movement, the prayer of Christ found in John 17.

Thanks, John, for noticing this little homeschooling nobody who has huge dreams and God-sized prayers for respect, love, and unity amongst the brethren of Christ.

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